ÜvW - is standing for active temperatur leading haulage from consignor to consignee in transportation and forwarding.

Reliability and complete safety in thermotransport of healthcare devices and equipment therefore is the trucking company ÜvW - transport and logistic GmbH distinguished. As a spezialized company for temperature sensitive goods we can guarantee the strict compliance to temperature levels during all our haulages and on the total transport chain. We deliver across Europe and ensure a safe and fast transportation as soon as possible due to our excellent logistic systems. Our customers, clients and contractors know this and think highly off it.

Lots of medical products react very sensitive to temperature variations and differences. In order to that, the sensitive goods have to be treated and transported/shipped conform to this requirements. A very careful transport regulated by temperature is necessary for all pharmaceutical products and a constant controlling/checking the active cooling chain ( from +2°C to +8°C degrees or in the sphere between +15°C and +25°C are not resigned according to the requirement of these products.

ÜvW - it´s good to know you´re there for us.