Our performance review:

The first trucking company ÜvW was founded in 2007. The company´s sector of activities is mainly the medical healthcare branch in transportion and forwarding. After this first foundation as a single company it was accompanied by a new one, the ÜvW transport and logistics GmbH in 2012. Our emphasized programme is the field of cooling transport systems specialized refrigerating medicine.

ÜvW´s headquarter, place of business and legal seat is grounded in Stove, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in northern Germany One subsidiary is located in Oranienburg, Brandenburg, near Berlin. Our regular customers are spread out across Germany, true our logo:
"...there is no way too far for us".

ÜvW´s fleet includes vehicles and trucks from 3.5 t to 12 t to optimize customer´s satisfaction in our transport systems. Mainly we deliver by vehicles of 3.5 t to warrant more flexibility in trucking service. All our fleet vehicles are on the highest standard in cooling and refrigerating goods. The trucks are GPS-controlled, the cooling boxes can be devided by thermowalls therefore it´s possible to use two areas with different temperature degrees at the same time e.g. ( +2°C - +8°C, +15°C - +25°C ). Due to this we can work more efficiently and effectively.fullfilling all customers´wishes.

The ÜvW -Transport & Logistik GmbH does not employ any subcompanies. ÜvW delivers directly, not only scheduled transport. We offer transportation and forwarding throughout Europe directly.:

  • EASTERN EUROPE (Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia)
  • BALTIC STATES (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia)
  • SCANDINAVIA (Norway, Denmark, Sweden)
  • United Kingdom (UK) and Ireland
  • BeNeLux-Staaten
  • Italy
  • Austria and Hungary
  • Greece
  • France, Spain and Portugal (on request)
  • Performance spectrum:

  • international transports in the medical health sector for pharmaceutical goods, refrigerated medical products
  • transportation within standard transport temperatures 2-8°C with a designed shipment container 15°C-25°C
  • Transportation of goods without transport temperature limits